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Mini Butterfly Clips

Mini Butterfly Clips

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Introducing our enchanting Mini Butterfly Clips – a delightful addition to any hairstyle that will effortlessly elevate your look. These accessories are designed to bring out your inner charm and add a touch of whimsical to your tresses.

Crafted with detail, each mini clip features a butterfly motif, finished with a vibrant color. Made from durable materials, they securely hold your hair in place, providing a reliable grip that lasts throughout the day.

Scatter them throughout your hair for an ethereal effect, or gather them together to create a focal point that commands attention. 

Ideal for both adults and children alike, our Mini Butterfly Clips are a delightful accessory for special occasions, festivals, or even daily wear.

Details: 12 Clips 

Colors: Pink    Purple    Blue    White    Orange   Green 

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